Are you considering a career in real estate? Already licensed but considering a team? Let's talk!

I jumped from over 20 years of public service as a paramedic and police officer to the Real Estate Industry in 2016 and only have one regret: I wish I would have made that decision decades ago!

If truly being in control of your own schedule and determining how much you earn sounds appealing to you, let's talk!

Just have a few questions you'd like to have answered before you make such a big change? Let's talk!!

Are you already an agent? If the following list of benefits of being a RealtorĀ© with Torix Realty Group sounds attractive, and you'd like to have a 100% confidential conversation, let's talk!
  • We handle the paperwork. Agency agreements, offers, amendments, title work, you name it. Your time is better spent with your clients, so our team does the busy work and sends it back to you to review and send off to your clients.
  • Scheduling. Inspections are ordered and coordinated by our team.
  • We deliver leads. On average, our agents receive 10-20 new verified leads per week.
  • We've got your back. Can't make it to an appointment? In most instances, another agent on our team will be able to stand in for you and you'll get the chance to repay them by simply returning the favor.
  • Real-time tracking. You work hard, but it can be difficult to see how it's going without a clear picture of what's down the road. Our agents have this information available at a single click, showing them all the critical data to include upcoming projections and a clear record of how you've done to date.
  • Marketing done right. From sign placement to business cards to paid social media ads, we've got you covered.
  • Communication systems made simple. Keeping track of your calls and messages is simple with our proven CRM system.
  • Competitive Splits. We split the work 50/50, why would we ever keep more?
  • Listing work. Did we mention we'll complete a majority of the paperwork for you and then send it back to you for review? We also place the signs, key-boxes, and take measurements.
  • In short, our team exists to free up the agent to spend time focused on interacting with their clients, not buried in busy work.

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Thad S. Torix